A rapid development environment using docker for convenience

Takeoff takeoff.md File

Takeoff’s project initialisation is controlled via the takeoff.md file. This uses markdown to define tasks.

An example file looks like this:

    ## npm:install:api

    Run task `npm:install:app` after this

    cd env/api && npm install --silent

    ## npm:install:app

    Run task `docker:compose` after this

    cd env/frontend-app && npm install --silent

    ## docker:compose

    docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml build --no-cache

Each task is done in order, and you specify which task you run after, and is explicit to give full control over the commands. The format is inspired by the Maid task runner and Takeoff uses some of it’s code re-written in TypeScript.

The bash code blocks are important as they define what type of command it is. This currently only supports bash, but more types such as python, node, etc will be added.